i want to send letters to people and having correspondences

i’m gonna get out of this place soon. can’t wait

The New Vision | Iris Strubegger by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott

The New Vision | Iris Strubegger by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott

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If I had a cat I will called him Tolstoï

I think destruction and chaos can be transform in a beautiful things. i always find beauty in destruction. Maybe it’s because i constantly destroy myself and try to reborn day after day. 

sleepatnights asks: You are so lucky because you can see it at big screen in cinema, trust me - cinematography is magnificent! And about Mishima, maybe you can find some of his best work in your library (in my opinion): The Sea of Fertility ( tetralogy), The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea, and this collection of short stories: Death in Midsummer and other stories.

Yes, the cinematography and the esthetic of this film seem incredible. that why i really want to watch it. 

Thank you for your advices, i will see what i can find (: 

sleepatnights asks: I'm not sure if you watched " Under the skin ", but you should. And try to read some Yukio Mishima stories, they are helping me alot to fight anxiety and depression (especially in summer). And btw your url is at the same time so beautiful and so scary (I understand it because it has the same meaning in my language just like in czech)

It’s funny you talk to me about Under the skin, I’m planned to watch it at cinema tomorrow night
I don’t know Yukio Mishima, but i will look at library if i can find some of his books (i love litterature, it’s always a pleasure for me to discover new writers)
Actually, my url refers to one of my favorite song and i think the title is both powerful and poetic. 

sleepwalker-cat asks: Lustmord, Zoviet France, Khanate, Atrium Carceri, Robert Rich, Raison d'être, Boyd Rice, les ghosts et les BO de Reznor, Aethenor, Sunn O))), Ben Frost, John Duncan... Au passage si tu cherches des choses assez expérimentales, tu peux regarder du côté de Bleep, ils ont des sections dédiées.

Je connais une bonne partie des artistes que tu viens de me citer, mais merci beaucoup en tout cas 

Je connaissais pas du tout Bleep par contre, bonne découverte !

any dark ambiant or lo-fi band suggestions ?

i want to hear something new

i’m not an attractive person 

Anonyme asks: I think people who are suffering as you do would really enjoy if you post some of your artistic work. Art is beyond everyone story, and you can be sure that it would help people to identify their suffering to your creations.

one of the big part of my creative work is about erasure, and in particular the erasure of my person. maybe it will be interesting to post it on my tumblr, but i’m not really proud of that work. But i will try